My Second Chance

It is with humble heart that I write this letter of gratitude to you Dr. Carpenter, for all that you endure by conspiring men (and women) whose hearts are blinded by what has been an absolute miracle to me, and to a lot of other women suffering with breast cancer.

My story:

Nine months ago, I came to Oklahoma to have your laser treatments, and my life has been changed drastically ever since that time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two and a half years earlier. After listening and studying the traditional treatments, I chose the alternative, and tried to cure myself through natural means. It was a long hard two and a half years. I tried EVERYTHING and had some success, but was still frustrated with the overall outcome. I still had cancer after spending many hours doing therapies each day, spending thousands of dollars on other remedies, and spending many hours on my knees pleading to God for answers. From the moment that I heard about Dr. Carpenter’s laser therapy, my heart was touched and knew that the Lord had prepared someone who not only had the answers, but also had a solution that was time tested and actually worked! After talking to Dr. Carpenter, I understood how and why this treatment would work, and knew that the Lord, was finally answering my prayers with a real solution.

Can you imagine, after all that I had been through in the past two and a half years, and all of the unconventional things that I had done, and now, after only three days with Dr. Carpenter, the tumor was dead? Well, that is exactly how it happened. Imagine how life would change for all breast cancer victims if they too, knew about Dr. Carpenter? What a miracle! Imagine life if women weren’t threatened with their lives, and knew that they had an option other than cutting off body parts, chemotherapy, radiation and the many surgeries that accompany the aftermath of such treatments! Dr. Carpenter had the answer for me!

My only regret is that I didn’t go to Dr. Carpenter earlier in my cancer experience. I learned about Dr. Carpenter two years prior to when I actually went. I would have been on an airplane at that time if it weren’t for unemployment and the financial uncertainty prevailing in our lives at that time. Yes, it did cost some money to do laser treatments, but I must say that I spent more than twice that amount in the two and a half years trying everything else, (tens and thousands less than traditional medicine) and still didn’t get the results I wanted. Dr. Carpenter’s treatments are and were priceless to me. Not only did I overcome cancer- comparatively almost effortlessly at that, but my family got their mother back, and I got my life back! Nothing more can compared to that!

When doing my homework online before going to have the laser treatment, there were many opinions about Dr. Carpenter and her treatments. I had to ask myself, why it was that the bad opinions were in such force, and noticed how they were so overwhelming and persuasive? Everyone’s circumstances are different, and so will their outcome be. No doctor has a crystal ball and can guarantee life to anyone. That is up to God, and God alone. What I do know is that her treatment worked for me, and worked just as she said it would. Dr. Carpenters laser treatment was a godsend for my family and me- If I could shout it from the mountaintop, more than I already am, I would let all other women know that there is another, and much easier way. Laser treatments seem so simple, and to the ignorant, perhaps even ridiculous. But I assure you, they are very powerful and effective! Only two weeks after returning from Oklahoma, my doctor, who didn’t know that I had these laser treatments, sat back in her chair in her office, threw up her hands in amazement and said: “Where is it? Where is the cancer, it’s gone!”  The smile on my face had never been so big! Finally, success!

I highly recommend these treatments to every woman and man who believes in a God who loves His children, and has created an alternative solution. I have studied the government and seen time and time again, that cancer is a bazillion dollar a year disease that there are many cures for, but until it stops making so much money for so many slippery hands, there will never be an effective cure. In my opinion, this is wrong, and worse yet are those who try to stop people like Dr. Carpenter who are honest, full of integrity, and deliver what they say they will to those whose cancer hasn’t already progressed too far.

I highly recommend her treatments to everyone who can benefit from them. They were priceless to me- I have been given a second chance at life and will always be grateful to her, and the sacrifice that she continues to pay for those before me and those who are blessed to find her after me. Thank you, and God Bless you Dr. Carpenter!